Customs Clearance

Our company offers the support of foreign trade activities. We take care of all the formalities of customs clearance of cargo, its freight forwarding, storage and delivery.

The package of documents for customs clearance of the consignment:

- Foreign trade agreement (sale, barter, supply agreement, invitation, etc.);
- Invoice Proforma;
- Specification, Packing List;
- Commercial papers, travel documents (bill of lading, the TIR carnet, an international automotive invoice (CMR), an air waybill, a railway consignment note (international or Russian);
- Payment orders (ruble and currency), cash orders, not paid by customs authorities at the place of state registration of the participant Code (if available);
- Documents required for currency control and confirmation of the customs value of the goods (passport transactions, conveyances, insurance documents, vouchers).
Government approval:
-Licenses (Ministry of foreign economic relations and trade (import and export of goods subject to non-tariff control), the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation (in the case of application of certain customs regimes);
- Permits other public bodies (of the Interior, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Culture, etc.);
- Certificates (origin, health certificate, certificate of safety, veterinary, phytosanitary certificate);
- The above documents are available to the customs authorities in the original performance, security certificates, sanitary, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates may be presented as a copy certified by the authority which issued the certificate.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer the full range of necessary services:

-Selection of the HS codes. The customs value of the goods. Preparing a list of required documents.
-Electronic declaration of goods.
-Warehousing in a temporary storage (temporary storage).
-Representing clients in customs.
-Advising on foreign trade.

Regardless of whether you require clearance of import, export or temporary import, our specialists will select for you a reliable solution developed for the optimal timing and method of delivery and the cost of customs clearance of your goods.
We save you time and money by providing comprehensive services on an ongoing basis and at fixed rates. Customs clearance with us - it is a guarantee the safety of your cargo and precision timing.

Customs clearance includes:

- a preliminary examination of foreign trade transactions, the construction of transit schemes, selection of optimal customs regime, payment of customs duties and the preparation of all supporting documents;
- customs clearance of goods, including classification of goods (HS) of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, certificates, classification decisions and other permits;
- declaration of imported goods, clearance of cargo customs declaration (CCD) and the filing of all necessary documents to the customs authorities, including the control of all the necessary procedures for the customs clearance of goods;
- consultation on the formulation of foreign trade contract, the rates of duties and other trade-related issues with the clearance of imported goods you.

Customs clearance of imported goods can take place:

1. Under a customer contract or under our contract, this saves you from having to register with the customs authorities;
2. exporter can be a provider of client, and our foreign partners, enabling us to serve importers and shipping and clearance of goods on behalf of the client.

Remember that a competent and timely clearance of goods - is not only key to success in business, but vivid indicator of your company's reputation. Have the customs clearance of goods to our experts, and you can not only prevent problems, but also save your energy, time and money.

Consult on customs clearance you can call:             +7 (495) 380-37-30.

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