Domestic Trucking

Freight forwarding company Lavnatrans offers a full range of services at domestic freight by road.

Our company can provide the necessary transport for your cargo from the "Gazelle" to the trailer with load capacity up to 120 cubic meters.

We can transport any goods, including oversized equipment, dangerous goods, perishable goods. If necessary, for secure transport, we are ready to pack the goods to ensure safe transportation, secure the goods additional fastening and seal the cargo bay.

We are able to carry any load as a part of general cargo, and with the use of special equipment.

We have an individual approach to the needs and capabilities of each of our clients. Scheme of transportation of goods by road

Russia will be developed according to your wishes, both in cost and speed of delivery;

Our company is responsible for insurance of your cargo, so you can be sure of its safety.

Range of services in organizing domestic cargo transportation includes:

- Trucking complete cargo by road, of different size and capacity;
- Trucking cargoes and associated goods (1 kg);
- Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo (including the services of support and loading / unloading);
- Transportation of dangerous and perishable goods, goods requiring temperature-controlled;
- Container shipping in the 20 - and 40-foot containers;
- Transportation of cars in Russia by special vehicles;
- Trucking in Russia under customs control (internal customs transit);
- Cargo transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region;
- Cargo insurance;
- Warehouse services at terminals in Russian cities.

Having the ability to deliver goods by different modes of transport, we choose not only the best form of transport, but also the route of delivery with the necessary timing of shipment and your financial capabilities.

We offer competitive rates. Accurate information about the cost of delivery, the transport time can learn from our expert. Request may be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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