Rail Freight

In rail freight Lavnatrans company provides its clients the following services:

- Selection of the necessary rail road transport, depending on the species, the characteristics of the cargo and the deadline for submission of cargo for loading;
- The development of schemes of loading and securing cargo on platforms and transporters;
- The organization of rail freight in the RF, CIS, Europe, Asia and other countries in the wagons, open wagons, platforms, containers and rail transporters;
- Providing transshipment when changing railway tracks;
- Organization of obtaining approval of a special route and transportation of heavy and oversized loads on platforms and transporters;
- Loading and unloading at the departure / destination;
- On request, armed security of cargo during its movement;
- Customs clearance in the country of origin / destination, including transit at border crossings and transfer points;

Our customers always have complete information about the location of the cargo.

We ship goods by rail different types of trains:

- Consolidation of freight wagons
- Post and baggage freight wagons
- The individual freight wagons
- Containers
- open wagons
- Platforms.

For freight, be aware that post and baggage cars and freight wagons moving at a speed of a passenger train. Consolidated Freight wagons moving at a speed of a freight train, which is about half the speed of a passenger train. In rail transport oversized cargo is usually on platforms - covered wagons often can not accommodate cargo dimensions.

The main advantage of rail transport can be considered:

- a high carrying capacity;
- efficiency of freight over long distances;
- relatively high speeds;
- all weather;
- safety and security;
- low cost of transportation.

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