International Road Transport

Advantages of road transport include delivery directly from  shipper’s warehouse to consignee without additional overloading, possibility of choosing the optimal volume and load-carrying ability of a car. During its existence, our company has accumulated rich experience in the organization of international transport of goods by road. Our customers - not only large and well-known Russian companies, but also small companies interested in the stability and quality of services as well as foreign partners from Europe, Asia and Scandinavia, which supply their products to Russia and CIS countries.

We have our own fleet and long-standing partnerships with renowned road haulage companies. Our company can ensure the delivery of large quantities of cargo and equipment of by all types of vehicles - a great number of modern trucks with tilt and refrigerated trailers volumes from 20m3 to 120m3 and container ships.

Our managers develop separate routes for each client. If necessary, we carry out a scheme with consolidated cargoes (small consignments from different senders, collected for transportation in one vehicle). Depending on the type of cargo, we choose transportation of different load-carrying abilities and designed for different carriage conditions (tents, thermo vans, mega trailers, refrigerators). Transportation is carried out in accordance with the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets and with the rules of the Association of International Automobile Carriers.

International freight forwarding services:

- International transportation of general loads, including delivery of goods in the 20 -, 40 - and 45 - foot containers;
- International road groupage shipments (1 kg), cargo consolidation warehouses in Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Russian cities. Receiving goods from the suppliers and ensure its delivery to the nearest consolidation warehouse;
- Cargo insurance;
- Warehousing in Western Europe, Finland, Poland, Ukraine and Russia;
- Customs clearance and consultation;
- Tracking of cargo in transit.

We can arrange a multi-modal delivery, in which the delivery of goods by road will be combined with air, sea or rail.

Priority areas of our company:

- Delivery of all types of sea containers from ports in Finland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and St. Petersburg container ships. Paperwork and warehouse services in Russia, Finland, Poland, and Ukraine;
- Transportation of goods from Europe, Scandinavia by separate tent or open vehicles with capacity of 82m3 to 120m3 to CIS;                                                                                                                   

- Transportation of refrigerated perishable food from Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS countries;
- Transportation of goods weighing up to 5 tons of small cars or as part of a modular cargo;
- Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo specialized vehicles;
- Transportation of dangerous goods vehicles, which have special permits and licenses;
- Transportation of valuable goods in the escort.

Implementation of the International Road Transport with "Lavnatrans" cut your costs through integrated services at fixed rates. Turning to our experts, you will always receive the necessary services: the choice of a suitable scheme of delivery to the organization of the transportation. Request may be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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