Multimodal Freight

Multimodal transportation - shipping is performed by two or more modes of transport (air, train, car, ship).

Freight forwarding company Lavnatrans, organizes and controls the actions of all the carriers involved in the transport chain. Knowledge of our experts, the experience of experts in the optimization of routes and modes of transport, the ability of experts to provide the special equipment, a network of reliable partners around the world - all of these factors are key to the success of the organization of combined transport.

Lavnatrans company provides the following services:

- Selection of the optimal route;
- Selection of transport;
- Coordination of the activities of all participants in the transport process;
- Harmonization of conditions of delivery;
- Customs clearance in the country of origin / destination, including in-transit transfer points;
- Provision of transshipment cargo from one vehicle to another transportation;
- Reception and processing of cargo ships, boats, airports, not the railroad, including the interim storage;
- Loading and unloading in transhipment point;
- Calculation and allocation schemes and securing cargo on the vehicle;
- On request, armed security of cargo during its movement and storage at intermediate points;
- Registration of a single transport document for the entire transport route.

Multimodal transportation with "Lavnatrans" reduces your costs through integrated services at fixed rates. Turning to our experts, you will always get the necessary information. Request may be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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