Ocean / Sea Container Shipping

Ocean / sea container shipping is one of the most effective ways to deliver goods from distant regions. The main advantages of ocean / sea container shipping is the high cargo safety and regularity of flights and the optimal transportation cost.

Company "Lavnatrans" provides a full range of services for organizations ocean / sea container transportation. In our work, we offer our clients all the necessary related services for the delivery of any goods "door to door".

Depending on your requirements, we provide the following services in support of ocean / sea container shipping:

- Ocean / sea container shipping (20DC, 40DC, 40 'High Cube);
- Transportation of goods by special custom Flat Rack and Open Top Containers and LCL cargo;
- Return the empty container;
- Liner Agency. Port forwarding;
- Development of optimal routes of cargo through the main seaports of the world;
- Tracking the way;
- Customs clearance at ports;
- Loading / unloading of cargo from containers for transport, delivery directly to their consignee;
- Storage of cargo in ports;
- Cargo insurance;
- Inform the customer about the progress of the work.

Advantages of ocean / sea container shipping:   

- Low cost freight, compared to most other forms of transportation;
- large capacity vessels can carry significant quantities of cargo;
- unlimited bandwidth sea routes;
- only limited capacity of ports and channels;

Ocean / sea freight shipping container with "Lavnatrans" cut your costs through integrated services at fixed rates. Turning to our experts, you will always get the desired set of services. Request may be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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