Refrigerated Cargo Shipping

Among the huge number of all types of cargo the most responsible and technically complex, are perishable products. The difficulty is not only to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, but the speed of transport. Any delay may result in damage to the goods transported.

Lavnatrans company offers refrigerated freight forwarding services in strict compliance with the required temperature. According to the requirements of temperature inside the cargo compartment refrigerator, they are divided into the following classes:

- A class capable of maintaining the temperature within +12 ° C - 0 ° C,
- Class B, with an operating temperature +12 ° C - 10 ° C,
- Class C, which can ensure the temperature in the cargo hold of +12 ° C to -20 ° C.

Depending on the type of transported goods, frozen foods, chilled meat, fish or eggs or other goods you select a specific class for the transport of refrigerated goods in international and domestic communication.
Our company transports refrigerated products in compliance with all international and national standards. All the vehicles, carrying refrigerated goods have a full set of authorizing documents. Drivers undergo medical examination and receive the health certificate, vehicles - sanitary certificate.

Our  company offers refrigerated freight forwarding services for:

- Plant foods (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, etc.);
- Products of animal origin (meat of various animals and birds, fish, eggs, milk, etc.);
- By-products (dairy products, various fats, frozen fruit, cold meats, cheeses, etc.);
- Live plants (flowers, plants, etc.);
- Chemical products (including dangerous goods).

Managers of our company has always carefully pick up trucks to transport goods that require a certain temperature, and try to shorten the route. As a rule, most of the failures and delays occur at intermediate stages of the carriage of frozen foods, so the optimization, special attention is paid to these stages. Loading of cargo must be carried in storage (refrigerator) where the room temperature is not different from the temperature of transportation. Also served under a load is cooled to the desired temperature refrigerators. This is required for the transport of frozen products.

Also when loading spot checks of cargo to match those specified in the accompanying documents which are: waybill, file audit cargo temperature, and a certificate of quality, quarantine certificate and a veterinary certificate (for transport of frozen meat). In case of difficulties with registration and preparation of documents for the transport of frozen products, the managers of our company always can advise on all issues. After all, trust and mutual assistance is a guarantee for transportation of frozen foods.

Refrigerated Cargo Shipping with Lavnatrans have obvious advantages:

- Vast experience in the field of refrigerated transport (since 2000.)
- Availability of appropriate equipment and reliable partners with this technique;
- The ability to transport large quantities at a time;
- Efficiency of the transportation of perishable products;
- Temperature control;
- Flexible pricing policy;
- Qualified staff.
- Cargo insurance.

Refrigerated cargo shipping - is the main area of our business. In this area, we have gained a wealth of experience. Turning to our experts, you will always receive the necessary services: the choice of a suitable scheme of delivery to the organization of transport. Request may be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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