Trucking in CIS

The "Lavnatrans" company specializes in the delivery of cargo to / from Russian to / from CIS countries:

- Kazakhstan, Belarus (the Customs Union).
- Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan,
- Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan,
- Ukraine.

For shipping within the territory of the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus), the following documents are required:

1. Packing List-5 pcs. originals.
2. Invoice (for imported goods have to specify the country of origin and the number of GTE, which was released on this product) - 5p. originals.
3. The waybill - 5. originals.
4. Transporting equipment needed "technical passport" 1original 4 copies.

Our company has the ability to freight consignments with prefab consolidation warehouses in Russia and other CIS countries.
Having the ability to deliver goods by different modes of transport, we choose not only the best form of transport, but also the route of delivery with the necessary timing of transportation and financial capacity of the Customer.

Shipping in the territory of these countries require an individual approach to each delivery because of the large extent of routes and different degrees of development of road infrastructure in some regions. The correct way to transport goods (air, w / d, or trucking) and work through logistics scheme can reduce the cost of ownership and reduce the time of product delivery.

Our specialists monitor the quality and speed of delivery of the goods at each stage of transportation. We provide fast and safe cargo transportation of various goods and allow you to save money by of detailed schemes of delivery.

We offer competitive rates. Accurate information about the cost of delivery, timing of traffic can see a specialist. A request can be sent using the form on-line ordering.

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